Guide to Off-Peak Travel Times that Can Save You Money

visit colorado in the summer

Just like there is a baseball season, a basketball season, a football season, there is also a tourist season. People tend to travel during certain times of the year, which tend to be summer, holidays, and school breaks. These times of the year are peak season, and anything outside of these are off-peak season.

Some areas have peak seasons due to weather, festivals, and such, so if you’re going for those reasons, you will be traveling during peak season and paying the premium. You will also have a harder time finding accommodations, reservations, rentals, excursions, and more. Deciding to travel and take trips during off-peak times means there will be less people, you can save some money, and still enjoy a vacation.

Colorado is a go to during the winter for the snow and the winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. The state is far less touristy during the summer months but has just as much to offer. It’s not just Colorado either, tons of places are beautiful in the summer and fall months. Hot spots for winter travel are still beautiful and fun in the summer months. Summer prices are much lower and the crowds just don’t exist the way they do in the winter.

The same can be true for summer places. Provence is a hotspot in the summer because of the lavender fields and tropical weather, and it is equally stunning but far less crowded with a dusting of snow. Summer destinations have a ton to offer during the winter months.

People gravitate towards big attractions they have heard of, but the smaller ones can be just as beautiful and even more memorable. Small attractions have less crowds and a smaller price tag.

Rainy season and hurricane season are very slow times for many tourist destinations because people do not want their trip interrupted by rain, which is fair. However, rainy or monsoon season can be a stunning time to travel and prices are very low. The storms do not last long, so you can keep doing whatever it is you are doing after the storm has passed. Rainy seasons can also make some of these destinations better with the enhanced water flow for water sports or outdoor sightseeing like waterfall chasing.

Braving the heat in hot destinations is a good way to avoid crowds and cut costs. Dessert destinations are hot year round, but the summer months are extra brutal. If you like the heat or are an adventurer at heart, try visiting the dessert during these months to get the best deals and see a different side of the destination.

Peak season differs from destination to destination based on the people living there, the attractions, the location, and so much more. Look at where you want to go and figure out when everyone else wants to go there too. If your schedule is flexible enough, you can plan trips around off-peak times.