Taxis v. Shuttles; Which should you take?

Taxi or shuttle?

Taxis and shuttles have their own appeal, but they can also have their downsides. Though the two are both forms of transportation, they are starkly different and offer different things.  It is important to choose which option is best for you and your trip.

  • Taxis can be hailed and can go to a variety of locations. A shuttle has two destinations and does not go anywhere specific.
  • When you hail a taxi, you are renting the entire space and have all the privacy that entails. When you use a shuttle, you are taking a seat and will be sharing it with other passengers going to the same destination.
  • A taxi is on-demand, which means you can hail a taxi whenever you need one. You do not have to wait for a taxi to arrive. A shuttle has a set schedule with a specific pick up time. You may end up waiting for quite a while for the shuttle. You will also wait for the shuttle to fill up because it does not leave until it has a certain amount of passengers.
  • Taxis are the more expensive option because you are renting the entire vehicle. Shuttles are cheaper because you are sharing the cost with multiple people. Some shuttles are even free because they are provided as an amenity to guests depending on the shuttle service. You will want to check with the shuttle service to see what the exact cost is and if it is dependent on baggage if you have any.
  • Taxis are more convenient because you can make multiple stops if you need to pick people up, drop something off, or any number of reasons. Shuttles do not make any stops because they are a direct transportation option.
  • Taxis do not require advanced reservation and can be obtained spontaneously. You can book a taxi in advance by calling the service and scheduling a pick up time and location. Shuttles may not require advanced reservation, but some do. It is always best to call in advance to reserve your seats on a shuttle so you do not miss out on getting to your destination or saving a few dollars.

            Taxis and shuttles are great ways of getting around. They are especially helpful when you are traveling or getting to and from the airport on a trip. Each have their merits and pitfalls, but they provide a much needed service to people around the world. It’s best to do a little research to see which option best suits your needs, wants, time frame, and location.