How to Contact a Taxi

How to contact a taxi

Taxis are a great way to get around whether you are a local or a tourist. They are a fast and, often, affordable way of getting where you need to go. There are a few ways of snagging a taxi.

In big cities, the easiest and fastest way to hail a taxi is right on the street. Different cities have different ways of hailing taxis. In cities like New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago all you have to do is stand and raise your hand in the air. Making eye contact and searching for a taxi will also help get the driver’s attention and make them stop. In some other cities and at many airports, taxi stands are the de facto way of hailing a cab. There is a stand with a sign saying taxi where people line up. The first person gets the first taxi, the second person gets the second taxi, and so on. In cities where taxi stands are required, they are placed at important spots and at easily accessible locations throughout the city.

If you do not want to hail a taxi, you can always call a taxi company and order a cab. This allows you to set the time and the location of the pick up. It is a great way if you are heading to the airport or have an important occasion and do not want to wait for a taxi or risk not finding one. is a great resource to find a local taxi company and figure out your taxi fare. The resource supports cities around the world and can help you find your taxi quickly. Navigate to the homepage of the website. At the upper right hand of the page, you will find a search bar where you can enter your city, zip code, or county. Once the page has loaded, choose the section “Local Taxi Info” to find local taxi companies and their phone numbers. The company name will be on the left and the phone number on the right.

Technology can be useful for hailing or ordering a cab, as well. Some taxi companies have online forms you can fill out to order a taxi. There are also taxi apps, which will help you order a taxi directly from your phone. Mytaxi and Curb are two popular and reliable taxi hailing apps. 

Hailing a taxi should not be hard, but if you have never done it before or you are in a new city, it can be a little confusing, feel free to ask for help from locals on the RideGuru forum.