Would you ride in a self-driving taxi?

These days it seems as though every major tech company that is even remotely tied to the transportation industry is working tirelessly to develop self-driving or autonomous vehicles. Will these vehicles fizzle out like Segways or will we soon be entering into this new territory?

In a recent survey published on RideGuru, respondents were asked if they would feel comfortable riding in an autonomous car. Not so surprisingly, 64% answered no. Take a look at the below infographic to see the complete breakdown.

The future of autonomous cars

Why are major tech companies working so hard to develop driverless technology when a large majority of consumers want nothing to do with a “robot taxi”? They must believe the public opinion will shift but they are going to have to do some serious campaigning around the safety aspects of a self driving taxi!

What category do you fall into in regards to autonomous vehicles? Are you ready to jump in a self driving car tomorrow or do you side with the 64% that would not feel safe?