Miami: Getting Around With Taxis

miami taxi

Miami is one of the best cities for just about everything. Whether you’re after food, beach, fun, night life, history, culture, or a little bit of everything, Miami has something to offer. If you find yourself in Miami, you have transportation options, but taxis are still thriving in this bustling city.

Miami Taxi Companies

Miami is home to six taxi companies. It is important to make sure you’re catching a ride with a licensed taxi because being an unlicensed taxi is illegal within Miami’s city limits. To make sure you are using a legal taxi, the word Taxi or Cab will be written on the vehicle as well as a telephone number associated with the company of the car. Taxis must also have the license number of the taxi, the driver’s license number, and a rate card displayed for passengers to see.

Miami Taxi Fare Rates

You can get in touch with the taxi companies directly to order a taxi or flag one down. Most taxis come equipped with credit card readers. If you don’t have cash, you’ll want to double check just in case. Rates for taxis in Miami are standardized. The starting fare is $2.50. After the first ⅙ of a mile, it is $.40 for each ⅙ mile after. Additionally, there is a $.40 per minute charge for waiting. If you go through tolls, you will be responsible for paying for those tolls. It is also customary to tip taxi drivers in Miami, and the expected rate is 15% to 20%. If you want an estimate for the cost of your trip try using our Miami Fare Calculator.

Taxis at the Miami International Airport

The Miami International Airport comes equipped with a taxi stand on the lower level. If you locate baggage claim, the stand is just outside the door. Airport employees will help you locate a taxi. The cost to take a taxi from the airport can range dramatically depending on the location you’re headed towards. Trips to downtown Miami are usually around $22, but if you have a far trip, you could pay upwards of $70. Fares start at $4.50. Every ⅙ mile is an additional $.40 with a wait time costing $.40 per minute, as well.

Miami is an ocean city, and water is a big part of its identity. You can take water taxis to get around or see the sites if you want to familiarize yourself with the city. Water taxis have set schedules leaving from set locations, but the fare is between $15 and $20 per person. You can find water taxis at Bayside Marketplace in Downtown, Miami Beach Marina, Virginia Key, or Hyatt Miami. This is a fun and unique way to get around.