What to Know About the SeaBubble – The Flying Water Taxi

seabubble the flying water taxi

The SeaBubble looks and sounds like something out of a science fiction novel or film, but it could be the answer to beating traffic. At the very least, it’s giving people hope for a quieter, faster, and less traffic filled commute.

The SeaBubble is oblong featuring a lot of glass, which could be where it derives its unique name. When it will be in service is unclear, but they may be in service as early as next year throughout Parisian waterways. It has alredy been tested along the Seine in Paris, and is capturing tons of attention in the city and internationally. 

At $150,000, the SeaBubble is not cheap, but it could be a clean and lucrative future for cities around the world. They have become known as flying taxis because of the hydrofoils, which are similar to wings, cutting down on drag and creating stability and the ability to rise almost 30 inches above the water. The hydrofoils also cut down on motion sickness or sea sickness making it easier for people prone to these ailments. The boats are powered by a lithium battery and can reach and maintain a speed of 20 miles per hour. SeaBubbles are energy efficient with no pollution and no sound. They’re a clean alternative to other modes of transportation and don’t contribute to cities’ noise pollution.

How does the SeaBubble work?

Passengers would order a ride much like they would through other ride hailing apps. After using an app to order a ride, the passenger would enter the vehicle through the butterfly doors with the help of a host before taking their seats. The interior was designed to be similar to an automobile’s making the acclimatization easier for people. Once the door is secured, the SeaBubble “flies” above the water at 7.5 miles per hour to the destination.

After reaching the destination, the boat lowers back down to the water, and passengers can disembark. The SeaBubble was conceived as being a vehicle midway between boat and plane. Withing the next five years, the company hopes to have a presence in fifty cities around the world. The company is already receiving inquiries from cities and luxury hotels. Alain Thebault is the cofounder of SeaBubble; his vision is to have a fleet in Paris and other cities around the world to help cut down on traffic jams created by the millions of cars on the road today.