Lyft’s City Works Program – Giving Back in 2020

Lyft Charity

Lyft is a company that makes their money by offering transportation options to people by way of cars, but they are trying to create environments where people can rely on cars less. Their new City Works Program is dedicated to creating a world less reliant on vehicles and more accessible and equitable.

They have pledged 1% of their profits or $50 million – whichever ends up being a bigger number – a year to improving city living.

How Lyft will Improve Accessibility

Improving accessibility to transportation is at the top of their list of priorities. Access is not equitable and many people rely on it to make a living, get the education they need, run errands, receive medical care, and so much more. Lyft is dedicated to providing free or reduced-price rides to low-income people and so many more in need or without access.

Infrastructure is a necessary means of providing transportation to people, but it also boosts the economy as a whole. When people can get to where they need to be, it allows people to make money and spend it. Lyft is partnering with local governments to expand their existing transportation and also create new infrastructures to help people of low-income brackets by providing bikes, scooters, public transit, and shared rides.

Lyft and their Clean Energy Crusade

The world needs more clean energy, and Lyft is committed to creating clean and livable cities for a healthy planet by creating and using clean energy. The company wants to make sure every vehicle in their fleet is 100% carbon neutral, utilizing clean energy, and having more electric vehicles in their fleet. They’re putting more money into advertising shared rides to minimize one passenger transportation. They are also investing in bikes and scooters to keep vehicles off the roads.

Lyft to Help when Disasters Strike

Transportation is not Lyft’s only concern. They are working to make the world a better place for all. Natural disasters happen, but the aftermath doesn’t have to be as disastrous. Lyft is working to provide shelters, travel, medical, evacuation, blood donation centers, and more for affected areas. Food desserts are real and unhealthy, which is why Lyft is dedicated to helping nonprofits bring healthy food to these areas through their Lyft Grocery Access Program. Environmental sustainability is an important part of everything Lyft does. Lyft helped with civic engagement by helping people register to vote, providing discounted rides to polls, and providing free rides to people in areas without transportation. Lyft has ongoing programs committed to improving life and equality to members of the LGBTQ+ community.

City Works has already been started in Chicago and Los Angeles. Lyft is employing engineers in Chicago to make sure their issues and voices are being taken seriously. They are working to make sure the best nonprofits, transportation services, and more are receiving the funds they need and deserve to make the city a better place for the residents and tourists. Los Angeles’ program is making sure emissions are being cut, developing public transportation infrastructure, and providing transportation to the low-income and underserved populations. Lyft is dedicated to making the world a better place for people today and tomorrow through their City Works Programs.