Are Taxis available during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Taxi Covid

Even though Covid-19 numbers are still rising, many people have decided that the time is right to start venturing out their homes to take a summer trip or two. With more people planning trips we have been getting the same question almost daily from our readers “Are taxis still available during this pandemic? And, if so, is it safe to take one?”.

First, let’s cover whether or not taxis are currently available around the world. The answer to this question would be “Yes, for the most part”. Taxi drivers are deemed a part of the essential workforce so they have actually been working during the entire pandemic. Some cities, in an effort to limit their driver’s exposure to Coronavirus, have decreased the amount of taxis on the road. Other cities have simply taken some of their taxi drivers off the road because there is not enough demand to ensure work for every driver. But, regardless, taxis are still operational in almost every corner of the world. The only area where you might run into a problem is in a small rural town. Many rural areas only have one or two taxi drivers to begin with and if these drivers feel the risk is not worth the pay they may have decided to stop driving for the time being. If you are planning to travel to a small town, ask around first to see if there are any operating taxi cabs.

So now that you know that taxis are still operating, you may be wondering if it is safe for you to ride in one? Our answer would be, “yes it is safe as long as you follow certain guidelines”. We have written an extensive post on measures you can take to stay safe while riding in a taxi. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Sit in the back on the passenger side so you are not directly behind the driver
  • Always bring and wear your mask as well as hand sanitizer and wipes to use after you touch any part of the cab
  • Ride with the windows open if the weather permits
  • If possible, pay via app or credit card machine to avoid exchanging money with the driver

Travel safe and don’t forget to tip your driver!