Uber Transit: How to utilize Public Transportation through the Uber App

Traveling has become quite tricky these days with Ubers and Taxis in short supply and car prices through the roof. With the holiday season in full swing, many travelers are struggling to find a reliable way to get from point A to point B. One transportation option that has been overlooked recently, mainly due to the pandemic, is public transportation. However, it may be time to take another look at utilizing those city subways and bus routes!

To encourage riders to utilize public transportation options, Uber has rolled out a new service, Uber Transit. Uber Transit allows riders to call and monitor public transportation options through the Uber app. This new feature will allow users to quickly understand the public transit stops near them or on their selected route and will display real-time departure and arrival information, making taking a bus, subway, or train much easier.

Another benefit of Uber Transit is there is no additional fees associated with using this service. Through Uber transit you will have the ability to purchase transit tickets or passes directly through the app and it will cost the same as buying a ticket directly from the public transportation vendor.

How Does Uber Transit Work?

To use the Uber Transit feature, open your Uber app and enter in your destination as you usually would for an Uber vehicle.

Once your results load, swipe up to expand your transportation options from just showing the UberX and XL services. Upon swiping you will see public transportation choices listed within the app if the service is available for your route.

It is important to note that not all cities have integrated the ability to purchase Uber Transit bus passes or subway tickets directly through the Uber app. However, even if you cannot directly purchase your transit ticket, the option is still helpful as it will give you the most up to date, real time information about bus schedules, train delays, or subway directions to help you plan your trip with ease.