Ukraine Relief, Uber, and How You Can Help!

Uber Supporting Ukraine

This article first appeared on Ride.Guru.

The war against Ukraine has rapidly become an international crisis affecting millions of innocent people. As the situation continues to develop, various countries, companies, and individuals are doing what they can to help. Uber is the most recent company to pledge support, particularly for impacted employees, riders, and drivers.

In-app Donations

Their first effort includes launching an in-app donation button. This will allow Uber riders across the United States to make easy and seamless donations to the International Rescue Committee. Uber plans to match all donations made through the app up to $1 million. Further, Uber is also planning to make an additional $500,000 donation to the International Federation of Red Cross and World Food Program USA. While the in-app donation button is currently only available in the United States, Uber does plan to make this feature available to more countries as quickly as possible.

Free Rides at the Border

The next initiative that Uber announced is “Free Rides at the Border”. Uber is committed to providing unlimited free rides between the Ukrainian Border and various Polish cities to help refugees safely escape. Uber is also pledging to give free rides to staff who are volunteering at various Migrant Welcome Centers. If you fall into one of these two categories or you know someone who does, learn how to access Uber’s Free Rides at the Border here.

Food Collection for Ukraine

Lastly, Uber is also collecting food and other essential supplies. They are currently working with the Red Cross to transport them to Ukraine. If you have any goods you would like to donate you can learn more through this link here

While the war on Ukraine continues to escalate, Uber has decided to pause rides throughout Ukraine to protect the safety of drivers and riders. To avoid this being a hardship on drivers, Uber has provided advance payments to all drivers in Ukraine. Further, they are exploring how Ukrainian refugees can gain access to drive on the Uber platform in neighboring countries. If you are an Uber driver in Ukraine, learn more about how Uber is helping drivers to safely relocate.