How to Use the Popular African Taxi App: Taxi Live Africa

Taxi Live Africa

Uber has initiated rivalries between traditional Taxi and Uber drivers around the world. In South Africa, where Taxi Live Africa, or TLA, was recently developed, the rivalry was bitter. Uber was beloved because you could easily request a ride from your phone, a luxury! However, the TLA app hopes to change this and give Taxis the comeback they have been longing for.

Now, traditional, metered taxis can be hailed through the Taxi Live Africa app. In app “eHailing” changed the game for Uber and it may change the game again.

How do you hail a Taxi Live Africa?

TLA users can hail a taxi directly through the app. Through the app, riders can order a taxi, view estimates for their trips, adjust and save payment methods, and more. The app also features the ability to schedule a ride ahead of time. Some additional features are a built-in police number, in-app live support, an emergency button, and more.

How are Taxi Live Africa Trips Charged?

Trips are charged on a per kilometer and per minute system. Fares are approximated due to traffic. One of the nice features of TLA is the ability to pay within the app or pay with cash. Riders also have a choice of renting the entire vehicle or sharing the ride with other passengers.

Taxi drivers have enjoyed the service so far, and it is highly competitive with similar services. For drivers, TLA only takes 13% of the overall fee, which is much lower than other similar services. In order to be registered with TLA, drivers must pass a rigorous certification test. This ensures the safety of the driver, passengers, and others on the road.            

Taxi Live Africa has been met with success even though it is still in the early stages. The success is due to the comprehensibility and convenience of the app while ensuring safety. Users also enjoy the app because it provides similar features and services to which they have become accustomed. Meanwhile, taxi drivers have also flocked to TLA because it allows them to take advantage of the “e-hailing” technology, increasing their earning potential.