School Bus Safety Tips 2022-2023

School Bus Safety

It is that time of year again. The kids are back to school, and school buses are out twice a day. Sadly, this also means that we will have more accidents due to people not paying attention to the new school traffic flow. School bus safety is important and pertains to the children riding on them, the parents with kids on the bus, and the drivers on the road. All school buses have safety features to keep kids safe while they ride, but it is very important that drivers are also aware of the precautions they need to take and the rules they need to follow when sharing the road with school buses.

School buses are a safe form of transportation. Safety features on buses vary depending on the model of bus. Buses are almost always equipped with emergency exits. There is often a hatch in the roof. There is also a rear door for emergency exits. Usually, there are two exit windows in the bus. These are all to protect children in case of accidents. 

School Bus Safety for Kids

Kids riding the bus should follow a few simple rules to make sure they get to school and home safely and quickly.

  • Always face forward. Getting up, turning around, or sitting backwards in the seat can cause injury to children if the bus ends up in an accident.
  • Keep your backpacks or any other bags on your lap or under your seat. Keeping the aisles clear means kids can get on and off quickly without tripping.
  • Throwing objects is not permitted. Bus drivers need to focus on the road. Airborne objects can cause injury to children and could even be the cause of an accident if it hinders the driver.
  • When getting off the bus to cross the street, it is important to always look both ways and wait for your driver to signal you to cross!

School Bus Safety for Parents

Parents also have some rules to follow when picking up or dropping off their children at the designated bus stops.

  • Park in a safe place at a close distance away from the spot. This allows the bus to arrive and depart safely.
  • Arrive five minutes early. Sometimes buses run quickly, and you do not want your child waiting without you.
  • Allow the bus driver to give directions about getting on and off the bus as well as crossing the street. It is their job.
  • Do not approach the bus while it is moving. This is for your safety.

School Bus Safety for Drivers

There are several laws of the road when driving near school buses to protect the children and you. It is important to follow these rules. Ignoring them is dangerous and accompanied by hefty fines.

  • School buses must stop and open the door to look both ways when crossing train tracks. 
  • When on the road with a school bus, always give them a wide berth. School buses have blind spots and take turns very wide.
  • Always stop thirty feet behind or in front of a bus when they stop letting children on and off. A stop sign will pop out on the side of the bus. Both sides of the street must stop. The only time oncoming traffic does not stop is if the road is a highway larger than four lanes or the street is four lanes and divided by a median.
  • Before and after school hours, keep your eyes open for children waiting by the side of the road for buses.

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy start of the 2022-2023 school year!