How to Book a SIXT Taxi

Looking for an easy way to book your next yellow cab ride? While Curb is still the most popular option, the SIXT taxi hailing app is really expanding and we think you should give it a try!

SIXT is a car service which allows users to book rides in advance as well as hailing taxis on-demand. SIXT ride works with local companies and taxi drivers in cities around the world to offer users a range of options for different budgets and needs. Rides can be booked on the SIXT ride app for iOS and Android or on their website.

How to Book a SIXT Taxi

  1. Tap on the ‘Ride’ tab to book a taxi or choose another service such as an airport ride.
  2. Enter in your destination.
  3. Choose either ‘immediate pickup’ or schedule your ride in advance.
  4. Select your booking category (ride type) and book your ride!

For rides booked in advance, you will be shown a fixed price while booking an on-demand ride will connect you with the nearest metered taxi. Through the SIXT app you can link your credit card to your account and pay for all rides seamlessly.

SIXT is currently located in over 20 US cities and around 15 international cities. Not only can SIXT connect you with a local taxi but they also have car-seat, pet friendly and long distance options available.