The 7 Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

Taxi drivers see and hear a lot of things behind the wheel. Whether it is on the road or in their back seat, they have many stories to tell. A taxi driver’s most important job is to get their passengers from point A to point B safely, however, a taxi driver tends to wear many hats. Unfortunately, one of those hats often involves taking care of an inebriated passenger.

Taxi drivers dread the passengers who have had too much to drink as they risk vomit in their car, drunken fights, and even fare evaders. However, while all of these situations are frustrating, the most important thing for a taxi driver working the night shift is to look out for alcohol poisoning. As a taxi driver, it’s important to know the signs of alcohol poisoning. It may even save a life.

  1. Unconsciousness – It can be very dangerous if a person has been drinking and passes out or loses consciousness and are unable to be awakened.
  2. Blue Skin – If their skin is very pale or tinged blue, they could be suffering from alcohol poisoning. In cold climates, make sure it’s not hypothermia, which is also a dangerous condition. 
  3. Low Body Temperatures – They may be cold from the weather, but it could also be alcohol.
  4. Vomiting
  5. Seizures – Whether it is alcohol poisoning or a health condition, this is serious. 
  6. Irregular Breathing – It’s dangerous if there are less than eight breaths a minute, gaps of ten seconds or more, and or shallow breathing. 
  7. Confusion

A person does not have to have all of the symptoms to be suffering from alcohol poisoning. Some people suffer from only one symptom and have a serious case, while others may present several symptoms and have a mild case. Either way, it is very dangerous and should be taken seriously no matter what. 

If you are with someone who could be suffering from alcohol poisoning, you need to help them. These symptoms can lead to death if not treated properly. See a doctor immediately if the person cannot be awakened, suffers from seizures, stops breathing, or is turning blue. Call 911 or drive them to the Emergency Room. Answer any questions medical personnel ask as honestly and fully as you can; it could save the person’s life. If the person is vomiting, make sure they are on their side or sitting up, and do not leave them alone. Laying on their back could lead to choking and asphyxiation. 

If you suspect someone is suffering from alcohol poisoning, do not leave them alone!