10 Tips for Healthy Travel!

Healthy Travel Tips

Traveling is exciting. However, being under the weather puts a damper on the trip and all the fun you could be having. So, stay healthy before, during, and after your next trip with these easy tips.

  1. Drink lots of water and take vitamin C before leaving on your adventure. Water will keep you hydrated. Vitamin C will help boost and maintain your immune system so you don’t get sick before you leave and protect you on your trip.
  2. Visit a travel healthcare provider. They can help you come up with a plan to stay healthy on your trip. They will also alert you to anything you need to know about your destination and staying healthy while still enjoying the sites.
  3. Get eight hours of sleep a night. Sleep does a lot in keeping people healthy. Getting sleep before you leave is a great precaution. Sleeping on your trip will also keep you from coming down with something.
  4. Washing your hands is simple, but it can have a huge impact. Keep away the germs by scrubbing as much as possible.
  5. There are destinations where water is not as clean as it is at home. Your body won’t be used to the bacteria in the water, which can make you sick. Even if the locals are drinking tap water, you probably shouldn’t. Drinking bottled water avoids this problem and the stomach bugs. 
  6. Gastrointestinal problems can be a huge problem for travelers. It’s not always possible or practical to ensure food safety and staying away from cross contamination but follow your gut. Eating thoroughly cooked food helps. Salads and other uncooked food can be carriers of unpleasant illnesses. Try and eat places where you can see the kitchen. Street food is actually a good idea for this reason.
  7. Go on adventures like hiking or other outdoorsy or physical activities. Keeping the body moving keeps the metabolism and immune systems moving. Being in shape or, at least, trying keeps people healthier overall not just on vacation.
  8. The sun can cause a lot of problems from sunburn to heat stroke to sun poisoning. Wear a hat. Put on sunscreen. Stay hydrated. Keep tabs on yourself because the sun can be fun, until it’s not.
  9. Vaccinations and medications are important. They might even be necessary required depending on your destination. Being up to date and taking medications as directed could mean the difference between a great vacation and contracting a fatal illness.
  10. Mosquito nets will protect you from the itchy bug bites, but they will also protect you from diseases transmitted through mosquito bites. Sleeping under mosquito nets will keep this danger away.