Uber vs Taxi: Price Comparison

With many new transportation options becoming available in cities around the globe, determining the best option is becoming more of a challenge. Rideshare services, various types of livery services, and traditional taxis are all available to the city dweller. These transportation options can be overwhelming and hard to decipher especially when you are looking for the most cost effective way to travel. To make things easier, TaxiFareFinder has compiled the pricing data for three of the most popular transportation services: UberX, Uber Black, and traditional taxis.

  • UberX is a rideshare service where individual drivers use their own vehicles to pick-up riders on demand.
  • Uber Black is a more premium option, similar to a limousine service, where a private driver picks you up in a high-end vehicle.

Our infographic displays the typical price across UberX, Uber Black, and Taxis for a three-mile ride. The darker, solid part of each bar in the graph shows the range in price when traffic delays and other unexpected events are taken into account.

The data shows that UberX is traditionally cheaper than customary taxis, and Uber Black is generally the most expensive option for riders, depending on the city. Price trends show that ridesharing services are the least expensive, followed by taxi services, and limousine-like services rank as the most expensive.

Please keep in mind this infographic is a comparison on the price alone.  Before choosing a ride, consumers are encouraged to consider different factors and characteristics of each service.  For example, Uber Black provides you with high-quality comfortable rides, while Taxis provide you with a piece of mind of enforced safety regulations. Also please note that the ranges in the infographic do not take Uber surge pricing into consideration which could increase the Uber range significantly depending on time of day and day of the week.


Looking for a one-stop price-checker to better sort through your options?  Check out TaxiFareFinder’s RideGuru tool; a rideshare vs taxi comparison calculator that let’s you discover the least expensive transportation option in your city.

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