Find Your Hidden Uber Rating!

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If you are an avid Uber user, then you are aware by now that your Uber drivers rate you as a passenger at the end of each of your Uber rides just as you are encouraged to rate your driver. This rating system is based on a five-star scale, one star being the worst, lowest rating and five stars signifying the best, highest rating. Your rating is displayed in your rider profile and drivers are able to see it when they accept a ride request, unfortunately though, your score is not displayed on your side of the app, making it hard to find your own rating. However, Uber recently released a new feature within their app that makes it easier than ever to find our your score.

Here’s how to find out your hidden Uber rating:

1. Open the Uber app on your phone and tap the “Profile Button” in the upper left hand corner.

















2. Tap “Help”.

















3. Tap “Account”.

















4. Tap “I’d like to know my rating”.

















5. Once you have clicked on “I’d like to know my rating”, simply tap the blue submit button and your rating will be emailed to you!














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The Coveted Uber Sixth Star

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Most people know about the popular ride share service, Uber, but what many users do not realize is that there is finally a way to reward your driver for going above and beyond.

Uber introduced the Uber Sixth Star Award Program in October of 2014. Typically when you ride in an Uber, at the end of your ride you are able to rate your driver up to five stars and leave a comment. Now, with the secret sixth star being introduced, you can nominate your driver by leaving an excellent rating and writing a comment to elaborate about your experience and explain why your driver deserves additional recognition.

Every week, Uber selects Sixth Star drivers from across the globe to be selected to win this package of Uber Sixth Star Gear and a $1000 American Express gift card!

The drivers who are selected to be awarded the Sixth Star are not only just good drivers– they are good people too. Previous honorees have been men and women who took extra time and effort to give their passengers a hand. Mikhayel from LA was one of the Uber drivers that made a difference in his passenger’s life. The passenger was late getting onto a plane, and Mikhayel not only helped him carry all of his bags, but when there were bags that did not fit the man gave Mikhayel money to ship them the next day and he agreed. That’s a lot of trust to have in an Uber driver, and it ended up being well-deserving.

Next time you encounter an Uber driver who goes above and beyond, make sure you nominate them for the Sixth Star Award Program so they can get the recognition they deserve.


Felicia is an intern at Unleashed, LLC. She is from upstate NY, and is currently pursuing a Marketing degree at Bentley University. One day she hopes to travel the world and visit every continent. 

How to Improve Your Uber Rating: For Passengers

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The two-way rating system used by Uber where passengers and drivers are able to rate each other based on their ride experience has become the new norm for rideshare services. This system makes both parties in the vehicle liable and responsible for their actions and ensures an enjoyable, safe trip. Check out our recent blog post on how this rating system works.

Many riders worry about maintaining a high rating as it could possibly affect the ease at which you are able to request a ride. The TaxiFareFinder team has compiled a few tips for riders to improve and maintain a positive Uber passenger rating.

Be ready: Watch the status and location of your ride as it makes its way towards the pickup location. As the vehicle gets closer, make sure you have all your belongings ready and start walking outside to where the car will be. Every minute the driver is waiting, is a minute they are not making money. If you are ready to go when they arrive, the quicker you are able to get to your destination and the driver can pick up another passenger.

Be accurate: Be sure that the pickup location entered into the app is correct. The pin-drop can be off by a block or so sometimes and this will impact how quickly the driver is able to find you. If available, enter the exact address of where you want to be picked up – this will provide more direct directions from the GPS and less confusion for the driver.

Be efficient: Enter the destination address before getting into the vehicle. While waiting for the ride to arrive, enter the end destination so a route can be calibrated ahead of time. Then, when you enter the vehicle the driver can start moving immediately, making the trip faster for both of you.

Be polite: Treat the driver how you want to be treated. It sounds obvious, but many drivers complain that riders can be overly demanding and rude. If you want the temperature or music adjusted, ask in a friendly and kind manner and most drivers will be happy to help.

Conversely, there are many actions to avoid when riding in an Uber.  The behaviors below can guarantee an unhappy driver and a lower rating:

Eating and drinking: Bringing food and drinks into a moving vehicle will most likely lead to spillage and a mess. Drivers want to maintain a clean vehicle for future passengers and not have to clean up crumbs or a stain on the seats.

Smoking: Smoking leaves a smell and a mess in the car. Similar to eating in the vehicle, drivers do not want to cover up the smell as it may bother future passengers.

Leaving trash and excess dirt: Whatever you bring into the Uber, should leave when you do. Leaving anything behind clutters the vehicle and is extra work for the driver to clean up for the next passenger.

Being destructive: Treat the vehicle as if it were your own. Do not rip, stain, or damage any part of the vehicle – it is how the driver makes money and it needs to be in good condition to drive for the service.

Acting drunk or disorderly:  Be respectful and courteous when taking an Uber, no matter what state you may be in.

Allowing children to be out of control: If you ride in an Uber with children, be sure that they are being respectful and not distracting the driver. The main concern of the driver is getting you to your destination quickly and safely – make sure nothing gets in the way of this.

Overloading the car: Do not try to fit more people in the car than the legal limit.  This puts your group and the driver at risk for unsafe conditions and potential safety violations.

Overall, most drivers want a smooth ride and are understanding of last minute changes and unforeseen circumstances that can occur. Rule of thumb: be open with the driver and always double check. You have access to driver contact information, so feel free to call ahead of time before they arrive and ask any questions. This ensures that neither of you are surprised nor caught off guard.

How It Works: Uber Passenger Rating System

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Any Uber user is well aware of the ability to rate their driver, but did you know that drivers have the same ability to rate the passengers that they transport? This two way rating system acts as a check and balance system, keeping both sides of the transaction liable for their behavior. The rating system is based on a five-star scale, one star being the worst, lowest rating and five stars signifying the best, highest rating. Your rating is displayed in your rider profile and drivers are able to see it when they accept a ride request.

A high rating is easy to maintain if you act in a courteous and respectful manner. Many passengers and drivers admit to giving out five-star ratings without a second thought, unless presented with a very serious reason not to. Low ratings are given to passengers who are unsafe, inappropriate, or rude. This could range from the destruction of the interior of an Uber vehicle to threatening the wellbeing of a driver.

Uber takes feedback from drivers seriously and there are consequences for riders with consistent low ratings. On a small scale, Uber drivers can cancel or simply not accept a ride request of a passenger with a low rating. Drivers can choose to accept another ride request from a passenger with a higher rating, with the expectation of a better passenger and experience overall. However, this is a small repercussion. If there was ever a serious offense, such as a physical altercation or inappropriate advance, riders can be temporarily banned or barred completely from using the app. This occurs on a case-by-case basis and Uber management has the ability to take action against destructive passengers.

So how do you find out what your rating is? You are not able to view your individual ride or total rating through your personal Uber app, but there are two simple ways to discover what your personal rating is. You can ask your driver when you are in the vehicle or email Uber Support. Send your email address and phone number associated with your Uber account to [email protected] to receive your rating. From our experience, the response from the Uber Support team was extremely fast and helpful, providing not only your rating but additional tips and information. Our email response time was 6 minutes – talk about service!

This two-way rating system is certainly a new concept – customers are not accustomed to being rated. However, this model fosters an environment of respect and accountability, making everyone involved responsible for their own actions. It takes both parties to make the Uber experience successful and enjoyable.

UPDATE: Uber has recently released a new feature within their app that makes it even easier to find out your passenger rating score. Now you can simply open the Uber app on your phone, click the profile button in the upper left hand corner, then click on “Help”. From there you will see a new menu, click on “Account” and then “I’d like to know my rating”. Once you click on “I’d like to know my rating”, simply click the blue submit button and your rating will be emailed to you!