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With the release of our new site, RideGuru, the TaxiFareFinder/RideGuru team has become passionate about bringing transparency to the ridesharing community. Rideshares, such as Uber and Lyft, have their benefits but they also can be hampered by a lack of transparency.

Take a look at the video below to see how RideGuru is helping to bring insight into the ridesharing industry and let us know your thoughts below!

TaxiFareFinder’s Top Help Articles

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One of our aims here at TaxiFareFinder is to help our users learn everything there is to know about taxis and rideshares. Whether you are new to the industry or are a veteran driver or rider, we hope you can learn something new from our large selection of help articles. We recently compiled the most viewed articles from our newsroom and wanted to share them in one easy place for our fans. Take a look at our top 5 help articles below and let us know in the comments which article is your favorite!


Taking Taxis with Infants, Toddlers, and Young Children – Learn everything there is to know about the rules, regulations, and expectations around young children, car seats, and taxis.


How to Tip your Taxi DriverThe ultimate guide to tipping your taxi driver; from the appropriate tip percentage to the tipping policies in various countries.


Your Rideshare App Guide – An easy to view infographic that outlines the differences between the many available rideshare companies such as Uber, Lyft, and Curb.


Which Airports Allow Uber and Lyft Pickups – Find out if your local airport supports Uber and Lyft pickups!



Uber vs. Taxi Price Comparison – Learn about the price differences between UberX, UberBLACK, and traditional Taxis.

Melbourne’s Newest Rideshare, RideBoom!

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There is yet another new rideshare company on the block trying to take a piece of Uber’s profits. This newest rideshare app, RideBoom, was developed in Melbourne, Australia by a taxi operator who is eager to make RideBoom everything Uber is not.

Like most Rideshare apps, you order your car through the app, watch your driver arrive, and pay via the app at the end of your trip. However, RideBoom does have a few unique features. Our favorite aspect of this app is that you can choose your ride for either immediate pick up or for the future. RideBoom’s future time bookings can be made through the app from 2 hours to 7 days in advance ensuring there is a car for those early morning rides or time-sensitive special celebrations. Also, because RideBoom allows you to pre-book through the app they also offer the option for the driver to arrive with baby/child seats so you do not have to worry about lugging your own car seat around!

Rideboom, unlike UberX, only accepts accredited, commercial hire car / van drivers and luxury taxi drivers. Also all of their drivers and vehicles are required to carry commercial insurance for all rides.

The one downside of Rideboom, is it is currently only available in Melbourne, Australia. However if you are planning a trip to Melbourne anytime soon you can still download the app and book a ride from overseas!


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Lilly is the marketing manager for She has a dream to travel to 100 countries during her lifetime but meanwhile is filling her time by instagramming pictures of her puppy and trying to figure out how to get an acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

The Parents Guide to Using Taxis and Rideshares

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As it is officially September first and the back to school season is upon us we thought it would be a good time to re-visit some of our favorite articles involving tips for taking taxis with young children. Whether you are traveling with your toddler, need a transportation service that can help you shuttle your kids to and from after school activities, or are simply uncertain on the laws regarding minors in taxis, we are here to help! See below for our top three articles on parenting and how best to use taxis to your benefit.


5 Tips for Choosing the Best Cab Company for School Transportation

In today’s fast-paced world of two-income households, parents often face the difficulty of school transportation. As funding for schools is cut back, less and less children are offered the luxury of riding on the school bus to their building for education. This leaves parents with the responsibility of making sure that their child arrives at school on time. Luckily, there are safe and child friendly taxi services for parents who do not have the time or the means to get their children to school in the morning. Read this article to learn our top simple tips for choosing the best possible taxi cab service to get your child to and from school.


Taking Taxis with Infants, Toddlers & Young Children

One of the questions that we most frequently hear at TaxiFareFinder is whether or not car seats are required in taxi cabs and if so who is responsible for bringing the car seat, the parent or cab driver? Surprisingly the rules regarding children and car seats in taxis changes from region to region so we have compiled an easy guide full of information, tips, and tricks when it comes to taking taxis with young children.


Are Minors Allowed in a Taxi or Uber Without a Guardian?

Should minors be allowed to ride in a taxi or Uber without a parent or guardian present? This is another question we receive a lot and again the answer is more complicated than it may seem. Take a look at this article to learn the laws regarding unsupervised minors in taxi cabs or rideshare cars.

Are Minors Allowed in a Taxi or Uber Without a Guardian?

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Should minors be allowed to ride in a taxi or Uber without a parent or guardian present? The answer is more complicated than it may seem.

There are limited restrictions and no general rule when it comes to children under 18 riding in a taxi without a parent or guardian present. For most taxis, as long as the person riding has enough money to pay for the trip, it does not matter what age they are. In many busy cities like New York, parents often say they let their children take taxis alone because it is hard to get around the city otherwise.

Certain rideshare companies such as Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar have some restrictions about the age of their passengers. For Uber and Lyft, all account holders must be 18 years or older and anyone over 18 is not allowed to request a ride for a minor, unless they are accompanying them on the journey. Sidecar does not explicitly state whether parents can request rides for their children, but account holders must also be 18 years of age.

These are the policies that the companies set in place to ensure their drivers and passengers are safe. However, there is no rule that Uber drivers have to refuse to drive a minor, even if the person is clearly under 18. It is up to the driver’s personal discretion whether or not they should give the child a ride, and the driver cannot be held accountable for checking to see if the person is of age.

Drivers should be cautious of this because even though there is no rule which states they have to refuse a minor—there are still ways that the driver could end up in trouble. They should use precaution when deciding who to give a ride to or not, especially if the child appears to be under 10 years old, or if it seems like they are sneaking around without their parent’s consent.

So, in conclusion: it depends on the company, the driver, and the circumstance you are in, to determine whether or not you should drive a minor in your car and it is always best to get parents permission before you give a ride to a minor!

Felicia is an intern at Unleashed, LLC. She is from upstate NY, and is currently pursuing a Marketing degree at Bentley University. One day she hopes to travel the world and visit every continent.





The Ups & Downs of the Medallion

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The taxi industry has been going through much turmoil in recent months; from dropping medallion prices to rideshare protests to job losses. Take a look at this TaxiFareFinder infographic that outlines the rise (and recent fall) of medallion prices in New York City. The sharp decrease is thought to be caused by rideshare services, so it will be interesting to see the final outcome for medallions, the taxi industry, and the rideshare industry.

Sources: Business Insider | Reuters





What The Uber?! Uber Driver Locks Blind Women’s Guide Dog in Car Trunk!

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Uber is in hot water again. This week they are having to defend themselves against two lawsuits claiming that the widespread ridesharing service discriminates against blind people, mainly by refusing to transport guide dogs. Uber claims that their app “is built to expand access to transportation options for all, including users with visual impairments and other disabilities”. However, in the discrimination cases filed against Uber the plaintiffs stated that there are more than 40 instances in which Uber drivers refused transportation to blind passengers.

According to Reuters, among those 40 instances there were two cited instances when Uber drivers allegedly yelled “no dogs” at riders, and another in which an Uber driver allegedly refused a blind woman’s plea to pull over once she realized the driver had locked her guide dog in the trunk of his car! These acts of blatant disrespect by Uber drivers are simply appalling.

Uber has made a statement in their defense, declaring that all drivers are told to comply with all laws regarding transportation of service animals. That being said, it seems as though Uber is not doing a great job ensuring that their drivers are actually complying. Also, at the same time, Uber is apparently arguing in court that as a technology company, they should not be subject to the same accessibility laws for the disabled that public transportation services like taxis, buses, or trains must obey.

In contrast to Uber’s missteps, Gett, has seen this as a chance to snag a portion of Uber’s passengers. According to Wired, Gett has updated its app to make hailing one of its cars much easier for blind and visually impaired passengers. The update allows visually impaired passengers to use the baked-in voice guided features on smartphones to access Gett’s functions for hailing a ride. Gett has also stressed that their drivers all know to allow guide dogs in their cars! Whether Gett’s new features bring them a new chunk of riders or not, we hope that their announcement does put pressure on some of the bigger companies, like Uber, to enhance their service and application to cater towards passengers with disabilities.

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