Uber: How to Calculate Your Fare

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Have you ever wondered how Uber calculates their fares? Maybe you have questioned why sometimes after a really short ride you are still charged as much as some of the longer trips you’ve taken? There are a few key components that go into calculating and estimating an Uber Fare, and we are here to explain each factor, as well as how they work together to create the Uber pricing formula.


How is My Uber Fare Calculated?

Your Uber fare is first based on 4 main criteria:

  • Base (or initial) fare – A flat fee charged at the beginning of every ride
  • Cost per minute – How much you are charged for each minute you are inside the ride
  • Cost per mile – How much you are charged for each mile of the ride
  • Booking Fee (Formerly ‘Safe Rides Fee’) – A flat fee to cover Uber’s ‘operating costs’ (Not included for Uber’s more luxury services like UberBlack or UberSUV)

Here’s how Uber uses the 4 main criteria above to calculate your fare:

Base Fare + (Cost per minute * time in ride) + (Cost per mile * ride distance) + Booking Fee = Your Fare


Other Key Factors in Determining Your Uber Fare

There are a few more factors that will play into your Uber Fare that are not included in the 4 main criteria.

Tolls and Fees: Uber requires all passengers to pay for any tunnel, bridge, or toll charges that are incurred during the course of the ride. These charges will be added to your fare total at the end of your trip.

Uber Surge Pricing: Uber surge pricing has a scary connotation but it is actually a fairly simple and, at times, positive principal. Uber surge pricing is when Uber rates increase to guarantee reliability and availability of cars. When the demand for rides cannot be met by the number of current drivers on the road, prices will increase. This encourages more drivers to turn on their app and hit the road since they will make more money than usual. Uber will always notify you in your app before you request a ride if there is surge pricing so you will never be caught off guard. Surge pricing helps to guarantee that there is always a ride available, if you are willing to pay the price!

Your Uber fare, with surge pricing, is calculated by multiplying your total fare (before tolls) by the surge price multiplier. For instance if the surge amount is at 2x your total fare will be doubled, if the surge amount is 3x your total fare will be tripled.

Surge Pricing Example: If your total fare at the end of your trip is $12 and there was a 2x surge in effect, your new total would be $24. Then Uber would add on any incurred tolls.

For more information on Uber Surge Pricing visit this help article here.

Uber Minimum Fare: To encourage drivers to pick up short rides that will not yield much profit, Uber sets a minimum fare for each service. This helps to fairly reimburse drivers for short rides. If the combination of the above criteria results in your fare being lower than the minimum fare, you will be charged the minimum fare price instead. The minimum fare amount changes from city to city.

Minimum Fare Example: It is raining and you decide to take an UberX only two blocks down the street to stay dry.  After your trip ends and you add up the four different variables (as shown above), you calculate that your fare would only be $3.24. But in your area, the minimum fare for UberX is $5, so you will be charged $5 instead of $3.24.


Uber Fare Prices Vary Based on City & Car Service


Image result for uber cars






The four main criteria factors that we outlined in section 1 (base fare, cost per minute, cost per mile, and booking fee) all vary from city-to-city, and across the many Uber services (UberX, UberXL, UberSUV, UberBlack, etc). To learn more about the differences between each Uber car service visit this help page here.

Now that you understand all the factors that go into your Uber Fare and how time-consuming it would be to calculate it on your iPhone calculator, try UberFareFinder’s Fare Calculator! UberFareFinder will calculate your Uber fare using all of these factors with one easy click of a button. UberFareFinder will even include real-time surge pricing estimates and allows you to book your Uber car straight through the site!

Happy Travels!

All-In-One Uber Guide

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Confused by the numerous ride options offered by Uber? No worries – we’ve compiled an infographic breaking down each option by car type, number of passengers, and more criteria. Happy riding!


Introducing UberFareFinder, LyftFareFinder, and CurbFareFinder!

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The TaxiFareFinder team is extremely excited to announce the release of our three new rideshare based websites, UberFareFinder.com, LyftFareFinder.com, and CurbFareFinder.com. Each of these three new websites has been created with the same standards that we hold for TaxiFareFinder and have proven to give highly accurate fare estimates for the respective rideshare companies that they represent. On top of being able to give precise fare estimates that include real-time surge and prime time pricing, users are also able to hail their desired rideshare car directly from each Fare Finder website. Once a visitor finds a ride estimate he or she likes they can simply click on a “Request Service” button, where they will be taken directly to the designated rideshare companies’ website or mobile app to dispatch a car without entering any additional information!

We are thrilled to expand our technology into the rideshare space and we hope this family of Fare Finder calculators will help to bring transparency to the taxi and rideshare industry as well as help our fans to find the best deal. Try out the new Fare Finders today to learn which rideshare company is the best option for you.

To view the Press Release please click here.


To view a Text Only Press Release please see below.



TaxiFareFinder.com, the leader in publishing taxi rates and information, has been a longtime favorite of travelers for their fare estimating tool. Now, the developer has extended its fare estimation to rideshare services, Uber, Lyft, and Curb. They are offered as three different websites, UberFareFinder.com, LyftFareFinder.com, and CurbFareFinder.com.

Boston, Massachusetts – March 15th, 2016 – Unleashed, LLC, the Boston based technology company best known for TaxiFareFinder.com, announced today the release of three rideshare based websites, UberFareFinder.com, LyftFareFinder.com, and CurbFareFinder.com. Each website is designed to introduce users to the respective rideshare services, rates, and fare estimates in a quick and user-friendly way.

Unleashed, LLC president Ippei Takahashi states, “With accurate fare estimates for Uber, Lyft, and Curb, our team at Unleashed hopes to bring further transparency to the travel industry.  It is our goal to equip travelers, so they can be informed, plan accordingly, and travel safely.”

The fare calculation support extends internationally and to virtually all cities Uber, Lyft, and Curb operate in. The sites are also capable of producing estimates for each companies’ different rides and services, such as varying vehicle types.

In order to get a fare estimate, users simply need to enter their “origin” and “destination” locations. The users can enter not only addresses, but also city names, landmarks, business names, zip codes, and coordinates (latitude and longitude). If the users do not have the exact location, the page can suggest locations through auto-completing fields.

For the benefit of those who immediately need a ride, the fare estimates displayed are in real-time, even taking into account Uber’s surge pricing and Lyft’s prime time rates. These warnings enable users to avoid unforeseen charges, choose the best ride option available, and be informed of the cost they will incur.

Once users have found an estimate and a service they are satisfied with, they can click on a “Request Service” button, where they will be taken directly to the designated rideshare companies’ website or mobile app to dispatch a car without entering any additional information.

The new Uber, Lyft, and Curb Fare Finder calculators will be an invaluable feature for those needing to research the cost of a trip before leaving home, or for those needing to verify their fare after the fact.


About Unleashed, LLC

Unleashed, LLC is a Boston based technology company that specializes in creating websites and smartphone applications to provide users with the information they need for daily decisions. The company is best known for creating the popular travel site TaxiFareFinder.com.  TaxiFareFinder, released in 2007, is an online resource for all things related to taxis and rideshares. TaxiFareFinder is best recognized for its groundbreaking, location based, taxi and rideshare fare calculators. With taxi and rideshare rates for more than 2,000 international locations, TaxiFareFinder is the proven, trusted trip companion for travelers around the world.

TaxiFareFinder’s Top Help Articles

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One of our aims here at TaxiFareFinder is to help our users learn everything there is to know about taxis and rideshares. Whether you are new to the industry or are a veteran driver or rider, we hope you can learn something new from our large selection of help articles. We recently compiled the most viewed articles from our newsroom and wanted to share them in one easy place for our fans. Take a look at our top 5 help articles below and let us know in the comments which article is your favorite!


Taking Taxis with Infants, Toddlers, and Young Children – Learn everything there is to know about the rules, regulations, and expectations around young children, car seats, and taxis.


How to Tip your Taxi DriverThe ultimate guide to tipping your taxi driver; from the appropriate tip percentage to the tipping policies in various countries.


Your Rideshare App Guide – An easy to view infographic that outlines the differences between the many available rideshare companies such as Uber, Lyft, and Curb.


Which Airports Allow Uber and Lyft Pickups – Find out if your local airport supports Uber and Lyft pickups!



Uber vs. Taxi Price Comparison – Learn about the price differences between UberX, UberBLACK, and traditional Taxis.

How to Contact Uber and Lyft!

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For creating and implementing top of the line technology both Uber and Lyft can be a little hard to get in touch with when you have a question or concern. Every day our support email is flooded with questions regarding Uber and Lyft and how to get in contact with these two companies. In order to make life a little easier for our readers, our TFF team has compiled the best resources for contacting Uber and Lyft when you need their help!


Uber Contact Information

  1. If you are a passenger and have a question regarding a recent Uber ride, the fastest way to get the help you need is to simply reply to your Uber ride’s e-mail receipt! We notice that most customers seem to get a response within a few hours.
  2. Email [email protected] . As Uber does not have a contact phone number, email is your best bet for reaching a human being. Luckily their response time through email is fairly quick (2-3 hours). Also, once a service rep has replied to your claim you can simply email that service rep back directly if you wish to continue speaking to the same person. On the flip side of the coin, if you wish to speak to a different representative simply email [email protected] again and most likely a different representative will get back to you.
  3. If you are a social media user, try tweeting at Uber (@Uber). While we haven’t personally had the best luck with responses from Uber via twitter, if you create enough buzz we bet they will respond fairly quickly!
  4. As a last resort, try using their Help Center (https://help.uber.com/?_ga=1.260272717.1773021183.1424970143). We know it’s not fun searching through articles trying to find your answer but they do have a lot of valuable information available on their Help page!


Lyft Contact Information

  1. The best way to currently contact Lyft is through their help center (https://help.lyft.com/hc/en-us). They have lots of useful articles and resources for both riders and drivers. If you do not find the answer you need, you can email them using their webform (https://help.lyft.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and a customer representative will get back to you!
  2. The Lyft support team has created a twitter handle specifically for support help. The handle is @asklyft and it is available every day from 7AM to 9PM. This is a great way to get a quick response from the Lyft team!

Top 14 Places to Hail a Ride to this Valentine’s Day Weekend!

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Need some last minute ideas for a Valentine’s Day Weekend in Boston? Our team has put together a list of the 14 best places to ensure you and your loved one have a fun filled romantic holiday weekend. Whether you plan to participate in just one activity or all 14 make sure to leave the car at home and grab your favorite rideshare or taxi so you can focus on cuddling with your favorite significant other!


1. Club Caribe Salsa at the Marriott








Feeling a little groovy? Head to Club Caribe Salsa at the Marriott in Cambridge to dance the night away this Valentine’s Day. Lessons run from 8-10 p.m., at 10 p.m. the dance floor opens up to all.



2. Cruise Around the Harbor







Hit the high seas with your love this Valentine’s day! Complete with a gourmet dinner, live music, and spectacular views of the city, the Boston Harbor Odyssey dinner cruise is sure to put you and your loved one in the Valentine’s Day spirit.



3. Glass Blowing and Wine Tasting








Looking for something unique to do this Valentine’s weekend? Why not try a date at the Diablo Glass School! Sip on wine while enjoying a fun and entertaining glass blowing demonstration.



4. Heighten your Senses with Dining in the Dark








Looking for a one of a kind experience? Look no further than “Dining in the Dark”.  This sensory journey at the Hampshire House provides a full course dinner completely in the dark creating a heightened sense of taste, touch, scent, and sound!



5. Calling all the Single Ladies!








Looking for a fun girl’s night out this Valentine’s Day?  Head on over to Paint Nite where you and your fellow single ladies can enjoy a night of wine tasting, Taza chocolate, and of course painting!



6. Flirt Fest at the Bell in Hand










Want to spend the night out on the town this weekend? Take a taxi to the Bell in Hand Tavern where you can join in on their “Boston’s Biggest Flirt” contest all while enjoying cocktails and appetizers!



7. Couples Yoga at the Brattle House









Get your workout in and have fun with your significant other this Valentine’s Day through couples yoga at the Brattle House.



8. Fenway Park Winter Lights Show









Looking to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit in one of Boston’s most iconic venues? Head over to Fenway park this weekend for a fun lights show and tour!



9. Top of the Hub









Travel 52 floors above the Back Bay to experience one of Boston’s most renowned restaurants this Valentine’s Day Weekend. Enjoy the impressive views, classic music, and fantastic array of liquors with your date!



10. Ice Skating at the Boston Harbor Hotel








Looking for a romantic activity to fill up your Valentine’s Day! Look no further than Ice Skating at the Boston Harbor Hotel. Enjoy skating hand in hand with your loved one all while listening to classic love songs and taking in the views of the harbor.



11. Disney on Ice at the Garden










Sometimes it is just nice to be a kid! Bring your date or the whole family to this fun-filled Disney spectacle and sing along to dozens of Disney’s most popular songs.



12. Heartbeat at the MFA










Travel in your taxi to the MFA this weekend for a fine night of wine and art! The evening is even complimented with live music by a group of New England Conservatory students.



13. Champagne Dinner Dance








The wine expo is offering a special one night Champagne Dinner Dance on February 13th! Get in the romantic spirit with live music, dancing, and of course a few glasses of Moet & Chandon!



14. Wine & Chocolate!








What better way to express your love then through chocolate and wine pairings! The Boston Wine School is offering a night of dinner, fancy chocolates, and wine pairings to make your Valentine’s Day weekend truly “delicious”.





Lyft Partners with Google’s Waze

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If you are an Uber driver or rider than you are most likely aware that the Uber GPS capabilities are frankly, no good. Uber’s in app GPS has long been a point of tension for Uber drivers, causing many drivers to ditch the app’s GPS completely and use their own source of navigation. Surprisingly, Uber has yet to make any big efforts to integrate a better routing application for their drivers.

Lyft, however, saw Uber’s misstep as a way to gain some ground on the rideshare giant and announced on Tuesday that they are joining forces with Google’s Waze to improve their in-app navigation and to help drivers avoid traffic congestion. By integrating Waze, drivers will also be able to improve the efficiency of both rider pick-ups and drop-offs by updating their routes in real time based on traffic, accidents, and other contributing factors.

According to The Verge, “Drivers will be able to switch seamlessly back and forth between Lyft and Waze using a new “Return to Lyft” button. And to help keep their customer ratings high through more efficient trips, Lyft says that Waze, which uses crowdsourcing data to reduce traffic and improve routing, will now be the default navigation tool for all of its drivers.”

Lyft is the first and currently the only rideshare company to use Waze’s technology. If Uber wants to keep their drivers happy they may have no choice but to follow suit!

Did Uber Rides Actually Get Cheaper?

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Uber has been in the news a lot lately for lowering their prices across many U.S. and Canadian cities. Last week our team at TaxiFareFinder did a little bit of research on Uber’s supposed “lower prices” and came to a major conclusion.

While Uber did indeed lower standard mileage prices in over 100 cities, they also raised their minimum fares and recently increased the price of their safe rides fees. This means that in some situations, passengers will actually end up paying more than before Uber lowered their fares! Let’s take a look at some numbers below.

First, Uber decided to raise their Safe Rides Fee this past fall. According to Business Insider, this fee was first introduced in April 2014, as a way for Uber to recoup the costs of running its background checks and providing 24/7 support to its riders. The Safe Rides Fee used to be only $1 regardless of where you hailed an Uber, but now Uber is calculating this fee based on your zip code. Apparently, Uber believes the price of “safety” is different depending on where you live. Is Uber really trying to make some kind of statement about each city’s relative risks and the costs of finding drivers who have no criminal charges and a safe driving record?

Surprisingly (or perhaps not), Uber didn’t just slightly raise Safe Rides Fees, in fact some cities had their Safe Rides Fee more than doubled! Passengers from Inland Empire in California and Northwest Indiana are now paying $2.45 and $2.50 respectively. Many other cities such as, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Ventura, Knoxville, Fort Myers, Naples, Indianapolis, and Jacksonville are also all above the $2.00 mark. Remarkably, Uber users in New York City are still able to hail their Uber car without paying any fee! That’s right the Safe Rides Fee is free in NYC and Halifax, Canada.

After Uber raised Safe Rides Fees, they then decided to increase minimum fares as well. The minimum fare is the least amount a passenger can pay for an Uber ride. In other words, if a passenger takes an Uber around the block, they will still get charged as though they took the car 4 blocks in an effort to reimburse drivers for short trips. While this raise on the minimum fare is great for drivers, it may come as a shock to some passengers who usually use Uber for short rides, especially when passengers will be expecting a lower fare due to Uber’s price cuts. Instead passengers who now take Uber on short routes will actually end up paying more than before Uber lowered their fares, plus, they will be paying a higher Safe Rides Fee as well!

The moral of the story is passengers who are planning on using Uber for short rides, shouldn’t expect their fares to have decreased as it has been projected across the media. In fact, they should expect to pay a little more than before!

New to Rideshares? Watch these Helpful Tutorials!

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Did you know that TaxiFareFinder has created multiple videos to help you learn everything you need to know about taxis, rideshares, and fares? If you are new to the rideshare world or are curious how to find an estimated trip fare, take a look at some of these short videos below to learn more!


What Is Ridesharing?


RideGuru Tutorial – How to Use RideShares


What is RideGuru? Learn How to Compare your Rideshare Fares!

Lyft Lowers Prices in these 33 Cities

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Last week the internet was abuzz with the news that Uber had lowered their fares in over 100 cities. Passengers were happy, drivers were upset, and Uber hoped everything would work out in their favor. However, Lyft wasn’t going to sit back and let Uber win this battle without a fight and in a typical “anything you can do, I can do better” move, Lyft announced that they were going to lower prices as well in 33 cities.

Lyft announced their big price drop in a blog post stating , “Many people make New Year’s resolutions to save money, work out more, and eat out less. We don’t want that to leave you standing out in the cold, though — we think that with these lower prices, Lyft can help you keep your New Year’s resolutions. During the new year — and all year long — affordability matters. We always want to be the most affordable option to get where you’re going. Lowering prices during a seasonally slow time, like the cold winter months, helps us make sure you can always get safe, affordable rides wherever you’re going.” The new prices were said to take effect on January 15th.

Unlike Uber, Lyft insists that despite the price cuts they will still continue to maintain their position as the most generous of Rideshare employers. In a statement to Re/code, Lyft made it known that their company pays drivers more than any comparable service, and that drivers average hourly earnings increased 13 percent in 2015! It seems like Lyft’s kinder disposition towards their drivers is working in their favor as Lyft drivers haven’t yet started attacking the company for cutting into their wages.   Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the relationship between Uber and their drivers.

Full List of Affected Lyft Cities

  • Bakersfield, California
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Fresno, California
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Modesto, California
  • Norfolk, Virginia
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Omaha, Nebraska
  • Orange County, California
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
  • Sacramento, California
  • San Bernardino, California
  • San Diego, California
  • San Francisco, California
  • San Jose/Silicon Valley, California
  • Santa Barbara, California
  • Sonoma/Napa Counties, California
  • Spokane, Washington
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Toledo, Ohio
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Washington, D.C.