Taxi Knowledge Articles on TFF Newsroom

Have you been following the series of TAXI KNOWLEDGE articles in TFF Newsroom?  TaxiFareFinder has a collection of great tips and advice on taking taxicabs around town.  Here’s a summary of the articles here:

1. How to Resolve a Taxi Fare Dispute

2. Expert Tips and Tricks on Hailing a Cab

3. How to Avoid a Taxi Scam: Part I

4. How to Avoid a Taxi Scam: Part II

5. How to Tip Your Taxi Driver

6. Taxis as Couriers – Have a Cab Deliver your Important Packages

7. Taking Taxis with Infants, Toddlers & Young Children

8. How to Spot a Drunk Driver and What to Do


– The collection can be found here –


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