How to Become a Taxi Driver

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taxi-sxf_16x9_460x250Thinking about becoming a taxi driver? We have compiled a list of the steps you need to take in order to land the job you want as a taxi driver. The process differs depending on what country you live in, but here we will talk about the process in the United States.

1. Obtain a driver’s license. This one may seem obvious, but it is the first and one of the most important steps you will need to take. Being a taxi driver is a lot of responsibility so it is vital that you are a safe certified driver.

2. Make sure you are old enough. In most states the law is that you need to be 21 years old in order to be a taxi driver, however, depending on the city it may be 18 years of age.

3. Obtain a taxi medallion. This is not required for all cities, but in some it is required that you purchase a taxi medallion in order to operate as a taxicab. This is typically expensive to obtain, so you should consider the cost when deciding if you want to be a taxi driver or not. If obtaining a taxi medallion is not in your budget, you can work for an existing taxi company and use their licensed cars for your shifts. If you choose to work for an existing company you will only get a portion of the fares that come in.

4. Take a health test. A good majority of states will require that you pass a good health test to make sure you do not have any conditions that could potentially endanger a passenger. This may be dependent on the state and taxi company that you are choosing to apply for.

5. Go through a training course. There is no amount of formal education that is required to be a taxi driver, however depending on the city you may need to participate in driving training courses. They could last either days or weeks, depending on the city, and typically cover general driving and safety rules.

6. Go through a background check. In order to be a taxi driver you must go through a criminal background check that may include fingerprints, a medical examination, and drug tests.

7. Decide if you want to be an independent driver. As a taxi driver, you could work for an existing taxi company and receive a percentage of the fares that come in, or you could operate independently and take in 100% of the fares, but also incur all the expenses that come along with operating a business.

As you can see, the process to becoming a taxi driver requires a lot of steps to be taken. This is not something you can accomplish overnight. However, it is a great opportunity to get into the work force, especially because most taxi drivers have the ability to maintain a flexible work schedule, and work when they want to work.




Fun Facts about Taxis around the World!

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Film Scene Friday 11


1. Apparently, in England, there’s a Town Police Clauses Act of 1847 that some interpret as a permit that allows one to urinate on a London taxi’s left rear wheel provided that the driver’s right hand was touching the cab. The Law Commission refutes this interpretation, but many still debate it. Strange.

2. Sabine Schmitz is a professional motor racing driver for BMW. She also is a taxi driver, earning her the title of the fastest taxi driver in the world. She can drive 20.8km in 9 minutes.

3. The world’s longest taxi ride was completed by three university friends who clocked over 43,000km at a price tag of almost 80,000 pounds on the taximeter. Luckily, as the trio was driving the car themselves they never had to pay the fare!

4. Additionally, the same trio as mentioned above also took home the world record for highest altitude reached in a taxi – over 5,000m!

5. Ever wonder why London black cabs have such tall roofs? In England, there used to be a law that stated taxicabs had to be tall enough for a passenger to sit comfortably while wearing a bowler hat.

6. The first women cab driver in the city of New York was in 1925. By the late 1960s, one out of every ten drivers was female! Now, however, less than one in a hundred New York cab drivers are women.

7. In Japan, the left, rear, taxi door opens automatically for passengers! The driver has a button up front that allows him to open the door from the driver seat.

8. A London black cab can turn on a “two pence” with a turning circle of only 25ft!

9. The composer for the movie “Taxi Driver” died only a few hours after finishing recording the film’s soundtrack. He was posthumously nominated for an Oscar.

10. In Finland, taxi drivers are required by law to pay a fee if they play music in their cars while ferrying customers! Their music fees amount to about $40 a year.




7 Unusual Taxis You Don’t See Every Day

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  1. A bike taxi painted and decorated like a piece of artwork!colorful small
  2. A high-speed Mercedes taxi cab with a futuristic look futuristic
  3. Hello Kitty decorated taxi! Whiskers and all! hello kitty
  4. This taxi that operates on land AND water!land and water
  5. A taxi with a sound quality like this one!

speaker6. This can’t be a time traveling taxi.. can it?

time travel

7. This trendy taxi makes me want to take a ride to the mall! trendy

Which Transportation Service is Best for you?

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so you need a rideEver wonder which service is best for you? Check out this helpful infographic that might lead you in the right direction! Start at the top and answer the questions to figure it out. Comment what you find!

The Best and Worst Cities to Take a Taxi

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Attention travelers! We compiled a list of the best and worst cities to take a taxi in based on the reputation of the taxi service. We used factors including the quality of driving, quality of vehicles, cleanliness, safety, friendliness, knowledge, availability, and value.

Do you see your city on the list? Have you taken a cab in one of these cities? Let us know!

Which is Safer, Ubers or Taxis?

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In the news we often see headlined stories about passengers who have been assaulted by their Uber and Taxi drivers. Sometimes people even report being abused more than once. With all the media that the news covers around these incidents, we wanted to see if one of these options (Taxis or Ubers) would be safer to use than the other.

Tracking Police Reports

The first step of this investigation might be to check with the records of reported assaults, and compare how many occurred in Taxis and how many in Ubers in different cities across the U.S.. However, according to this article in The Atlantic, when an incident is reported to the local police surrounding an assault in a cab or Uber, the police report does not include the location of where the offense occurred. So, police departments in major cities have no way to track historical records of assaults that have occurred in taxis or Ubers, which complicates things just a bit.

Background Checks

Now to the topic of background checks. This is a sensitive topic because of course, Uber thinks that they have more intense background checks than taxis, using the example of some drivers who failed Uber’s check but passed the city’s background check to drive a taxi. On the other hand, taxi companies believe that taxi drivers have to undergo more intense background checks than Uber drivers do, because Uber’s records only go back 7 years and they do not use fingerprints. Uber left the city of Austin just to prove that they refused to fingerprint their drivers.

The conclusion on this topic might be that no background checks are perfect, and each of them contain their flaws. And, of course, even a seemingly perfect background check may not catch a potential offender of sexual assault because the person may not have a history of criminal behavior, but humans are also flawed.

Incident Reporting

When an incident is reported in the Uber app, Uber suspends the driver’s access to the app while they are investigating the claim, which means they are not able to drive any passengers. If they find the person is guilty, Uber will deactivate the driver permanently. Taxi commissions have similar processes if a driver is accused of assault, however there is no standard procedure that all taxi drivers undergo when accused.

According to these factors, we cannot come to the conclusion that Ubers are more dangerous than Taxis, or the other way around. The fact of the matter is that assault incidences occur in both, and the best way to insure your safety while riding in an Uber or Taxi is to be aware of your surroundings, travel with a buddy, and be sure to report any incidences that may occur.

The Ups (and Downs) of the Taxi Medallion

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Up until 2013 yellow taxis held a clear monopoly in New York City, and the value of the Medallion grew exponentially from 2009 to 2013. Credit Unions poured their money into investing in these medallions, because they were seen as a highly profitable investment.

However, as Uber entered into the market the value of the medallion took a strong hit. In 2013 yellow taxi medallions were valued at $1.32 million. Since then, the value of what used to be seen as a “golden” investment has more than cut in half. In 2016, the value of the medallion could be worth as little as $650,000!

So, what does this mean for taxi drivers? Many of them struggle to make ends meet and keep up with the competition that Uber and other rideshare companies have created with their e-hailing of cars. Some taxi drivers have switched to Uber, which could potentially offer an increased earning potential, flexible work schedule, and even improved driver safety.

The future is not looking up for the price of medallions, and for the future of the NYC taxi industry. We expect this downward trend to continue to decrease as even more rideshare companies enter into the market and pose a potential threat to those yellow taxi drivers.

Testimonial Friday 7.8.16

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Testimonial-Friday-2Happy #TestimonialFriday! This week hear from Eliza about her experience using our site!

“I’m from North Shore Massachusetts so I visit the city of Boston a lot. TaxiFareFinder is helpful when I know where I need to go, but I don’t know how much a taxi will cost me! I love using the RideGuru calculator that compares the cab fare to the fares of different rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft!”

Thank you for your feedback, Eliza! Did you know we support over 1,000 cities across the world? Check us out when you’re planning your next trip!

Do YOU have a testimonial that you would like to share with us? Comment or send us a message for a chance to be featured on #TestimonialFriday!

10 Awesome Water Taxis Around the World

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We gathered a list of what we think are some of the coolest water taxis around the world! Check them out and tell us which one is your favorite!

1. Venice, Italyvenice italy2. Santorini, Greece

santorini greece

3. Reinefjorden, Norway


4. Lucerne, Switzerlandlucerne switzerland

5. Budapest, Hungary budapest

6. London, England london england

7. New York Citynew york8. Alaska, U.S.


9. Chicago, Illinois  chicago illinois

10. Sydney, Australiasydney australia


Testimonial Friday!

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Happy Friday! Hear what TaxiFareFinder users are saying about our company and service!

This is what a taxi company said about listing their company on our website!

“Of all the places on the internet to list your company, TaxiFareFinder is one of the, if not THE, best. Not only does it direct more customers to your business but it also gives the customers peace of mind that your prices are fair and correct.”